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Jazzfest Znojmo 2018

Různá místa, Znojmo


Jazzový večer v klubech

Různá místa, Znojmo


Kdy: 5.8.2016 - 7.8.2016

OFF Festival Katowice 2016: A killer dose of good music - They say it’s a good day if you don’t have to use your AK, but we’ll settle for a day when we get to announce the addition of a Polish hip-hop legend and four other excellent artists to the OFF Festival 2016 lineup: The Kills, Thundercat, Kaliber 44, Willis Earl Beal, and FIDLAR.
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OFF Festival Katowice 2016: A killer dose of good music

They say it’s a good day if you don’t have to use your AK, but we’ll settle for a day when we get to announce the addition of a Polish hip-hop legend and four other excellent artists to the OFF Festival 2016 lineup: The Kills, Thundercat, Kaliber 44, Willis Earl Beal, and FIDLAR.

The Kills
At the turn of the century, the American singer Alison Mosshart and the English guitarist Jamie Hince reinvented the sound of British garage rock, giving us something as loud and dangerous as it is catchy and sexy. And while in recent years Alison has spent more time appearing alongside Jack White in The Dead Weather than with her own band, and the tabloids have devoted more coverage to Jamie’s private life than his music, The Kills are just as deadly onstage as they’ve always been. Much time has passed since the 2011 release of Blood Pressures, the duo’s last album to date, and the word is that they’re working on a new record. Let’s hope we catch a glimpse of things to come this year in Katowice.

Stephen Bruner has lived and breathed music since the day he was born. His father, Ronald Bruner, Sr., played the drums for The Temptations and Diano Ross, while his brother, also a percussionist, has collaborated with Wayne Shorter and others. For a couple of years, the two brothers made up the rhythm section of hardcore legend Suicidal Tendencies. But Stephen’s true musical love lies elsewhere: it’s jazz and its ilk, it’s soul, funk, and hip-hop, and finally, it’s an original blend of all the above genres — a blend with which Thundercat charms his listeners on his own albums and as a guest musician for such artists as Kendrick Lamar, Flying Lotus, Erykah Badu, and Kamasi Washington. We’re proud to host an artist of his caliber at the OFF Festival.

Willis Earl Beal
A charismatic outsider from Chicago who’s hard to keep up with and impossible to label. When critics and fans — enchanted with the rawness of his debut album Acousmatic Sorcery and the fervor of Nobody Knows — pigeonholed him as “new dark soul,” Beal opted not to mine the genre that brought him success, instead redirecting his efforts into musical experimentation. The result was the 2015 LP Noctunes, with its poignant, lazily-flowing hymns, brimming with pain and longing. But to truly comprehend the phenomenon that is Willis Earl Beal, you need to see him in concert, where neither emotion nor vocal talent can be faked — and you’d be hard pressed to find a more authentic singer.

This is what it sounds like when you let a little sunlight shine into the garage. California’s FIDLAR (short for Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk) will sweep you away with their skate punk energy and laid-back surf rock riffs. There’s no way you’re not going have fun with these guys at a summer music festival, though the lyrics on their latest album, Too, are no mere party anthems: quite the opposite, in fact. They’re a warning about what happens when partying takes over your real life. Unless your drug of choice is music, that is.

Kaliber 44
Kaliber 44 needs no introduction in Poland and particularly in Silesia. They’re a living legend, one of Poland’s first hip-hop bands and the only one of their kind, though their psycho-rap style continues to inspire legions of imitators. If we could wait 16 years for AbradAb and Joka to release their latest album, Ułamek tarcia, we can wait another few months to see them live at the OFF Festival, especially now that we know what to expect. The brothers are back in top form and they can look forward to “a whole year of hands in the air,” to quote a line from one their new tracks.

Napalm Death
These grindcore pioneers have spent the last 36 years on the avant-garde wing of an already extreme genre. Their excellent 2015 LP, Apex Predator — Easy Meat, and their previous release, Utilitarian, featuring a guest appearance by John Zorn, testify to the fact the band is still in peak artistic form. But they’ve admittedly had plenty of fuel to drive their rage: the brutal, relentless sound of Napalm Death is no accident. It’s their weapon against social inequality, the corrupt world of politics and the predatory endeavors of multinational corporations. We’re looking forward to seeing them wage another battle in Katowice.

Sleaford Mods
What do you call music made in the most wretched neighborhoods of English cities, forsaken by both god and the government? A forty year old would tell you it’s punk rock. Someone from the younger generation would call it hip hop. Both would show up at a Sleaford Mods gig. This Nottingham duo is captivating in its eclecticism: who says you can’t combine the Wu-Tang Clan, Guns N’ Roses, rave and black metal on a single album? These guys embody the zeitgeist: nowadays music is made the same way it’s listened to. Sleaford Mods’ added value lies in their discerning eye and their frustration and anger. If you’re wondering why they’ve been such a hit, the answer is simple: the band’s gritty minimalism is 100% real.

Travis Stewart, known to the world as Machinedrum, rose to fame as a producer for his work alongside Azealia Banks and Jamie Liddel. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This Berlin-based American’s musical output is impressive both in terms of quantity (which is hard to calculate, considering the myriad configurations and names he’s worked under, but Sepalcure is one act you can’t miss!) and quality. Suffice it to mention the excellent album Vapor City and the follow-up LP Vapor City Archives, on Ninja Tune.

Beach Slang
With bands like Beach Slang still around, it’s hard to lose your faith in rock’n’roll. This Pennsylvania quartet’s unpretentious punk rock hymns have to be listened to at full blast, preferably while screaming along with the vocalist. If you see them live, you have to get sweaty, and you have to identify with their witty yet uncomplicated lyrics (“Too young to die, too late to die young”). It’s funny that the title of their full-length debut, released in the fall of 2015, is The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel Like Us: all you really have to do is come to Katowice. OFF you go, Beach Slang!

You could try to define Lush using genre labels: fans of both shoegaze and Britpop eagerly admit to their fascination with this English band’s music. You could also talk about them in terms of time and place: they were, after all, the jewel in 4AD’s crown and a part of the alternative guitar revolution that took British music by storm in the late 80s and early 90s. Their ascent was cut short by the suicide of drummer Chris Acland, and it took a seventeen-year hiatus before the rest of the group could once again take the stage. Luckily Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, and Phil King have gotten back together (with Elastica’s Justin Welch on percussion), and we can once again enjoy their music, regardless of whether you prefer the hazy, dreamy debut album Spooky, or the cheerful, dynamic tracks off of Lovelife.

We at the OFF Festival love to invite artists that expand and defy genre boundaries, but we’re just as interested in the people who invented the genres themselves. The American rapper GZA, member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, actually fits into both categories. Now rightfully considered a classic, the Wu-Tang revolutionized the game back in the day, but GZA isn’t cashing in on that status as a solo artist: he’s constantly blazing new trails and seeking out new forms of expression. Which is why we impatiently await his appearance at the OFF Festival as well as his upcoming album Dark Matter, which features collaborations with such artists as… Vangelis.

Jaga Jazzist
The jazz renaissance that swept Europe at the turn of the century was largely the work of the Scandinavian scene, which made creative use of the classics in combination with fresher sounds. The Norwegian collective helmed by the Horntveth brothers is a prime example, with roots reaching back to John Coltrane and Aphex Twin alike. Jaga Jazzist works just as well in the context of modern electronic music as it does backed up by a chamber orchestra (as proved by their collaboration with the Britten Sinfonia), and the stage is their natural habitat: intense and exhilarating, their shows are known for breaking boundaries between genres and between the band and the audience.

We admit that this band’s absence from our festival has cast a shadow on the long-standing friendship between the OFF Festival and the cult US label Sub Pop, but this year we’re catching up, and we’re proud and happy to announce the addition of Mudhoney to the 2016 lineup. From the release of their legendary 1988 EP Superfuzz Bigmuff to their latest album, Vanishing Point (2013), everything about their music screams, vibrates, and dances. After all, we’re dealing with the leading figures in the punk revolution from Seattle that fans and journalists call grunge. Join us in front of the stage if you’re not afraid to get dirty…

Andrew Weatherall b2b Roman Flügel
Weatherall is a British DJ/producer who grew up on the post-punk scene (he started out remixing such bands as Happy Mondays, New Order, and Primal Scream), but he’s equally comfortable in the realm of techno and house. Meanwhile, the equally versatile Roman Flügel is one of the top names in the world of German electronic music. This DJ, producer, and co-owner of the labels Ongaku, Klang, and Playhouse is just as familiar to regulars of Ibiza as he is at Berlin’s Berghain. This joint set by Weatherall and Flügel needs no endorsement: you already know where you’ll be spending part of one hot summer night at the OFF Festival.

Lightning Bolt
People often talk about which bands are and aren’t a good fit for the OFF Festival — we even argue about it here at OFF headquarters. And then you have artists that are not only completely uncontroversial, but actually appear to be made for us — and we for them. So when Lightning Bolt struck, everything was suddenly clear!
This American duo has spent fifteen years getting us comfortable with the fact that you should never get too comfortable with anything; that music is an adventure, a surprise, and a challenge. Lightning Bolt is all about noisy sounds that bend genres and break conventions, unpredictable concerts in unconventional places, and an abstract sense of humor. We’ve been waiting for you, guys.

Yung Lean
He’s coming to Poland. In April. We know you know, but his show at 1500m² is already sold out. And no wonder: this Swedish rapper has been riding a swelling wave since the release of Unknown Death 2002 three years ago. To Americans, he’s a funhouse mirror admired with fascination and disbelief. To Europeans, he’s proof of that fact that you can record original and charismatic rap tracks with a global reach on this side of the pond. So Jonatan Leandoer Håstad is coming back in the summer, this time to Katowice. It’s about time stepped out of the clubs and onto a bigger stage.

They’re from Reykjavik and they know how to have fun. They also know how to get others to have fun: a GusGus concert combines house, trip-hop, techno, and nu-jazz into one big explosive, electro-pop tinged whole, seasoned with the meticulous set design you’d expect from a musical fireworks show of this caliber. “Mexico, it turns out, is a place you definitely want to visit, and maybe, just maybe, you might want to stay there,” reads a PopMatters review of the Icelandic band’s latest album. But putting down roots isn’t the way to go, considering how frequently GusGus like to shapeshift and surprise us: they’re likely to release yet another album, their tenth, before arriving in Katowice. We can’t wait for either event.

Brodka can’t stand monotony. Having achieved early success as a teenager, she reinvented herself in 2010 and released the catchy and mature album Granda, only to return two years later with the dance music mini-album LAX. She could have just coasted from there, but instead she decided to change everything, turn it all upside down, and take risks. Her latest album, which she wrote from start to finish and recorded in Los Angeles, is coming out in the spring and is completely different from her earlier work. We’re impressed with her uncompromising attitude and we’re happy that Brodka’s coming to the OFF Festival this summer to play her new music.

Gutsy, hard rock riffs, an ironclad rhythm section, and a bluesy feel: this isn’t the combination you’d expect to hear at the OFF Festival, but we just couldn’t ignore a band as rootsy as Clutch. Especially since the quarter-century-old quartet is currently reliving its youth, releasing such phenomenal albums as Earth Rocker (2013) and Psychic Warfare (2015). Their concerts are no-nonsense rock and roll: raw, loud, and effective. We’d like to apologize in advance to the entire neighborhood.

Daniel Avery
Released in 2013 on Erol Alkan’s label Phantasy Sound, Avery’s debut LP was met with wide critical acclaim. One NME reviewer described it as being “in a league of its own,” while Mixmag called it a “hypnotic debut.” “Underground dance music with this much ambition hasn’t been heard in quite a while,” raved Resident Advisor. Compliments were often accompanied by statements of concern: how would Daniel Avery make it in a market driven by rules and trends that he had no intention of abiding by? We now know the answer: he’s doing just fine, performing in the best clubs and at the world’s finest music festivals. We’re happy to welcome him to the OFF Festival.

Flatbush Zombies
Hailing from Brooklyn, Flatbush Zombies are Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick “Arc” Elliott. This New York crew burst onto the scene with their 2012 mixtape D.R.U.G.S. (Death and Reincarnation Under God’s Supervision). Fast-forward a few mixtapes, EPs, and collaborations (alongside such artists as A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson, Skepta, and Joey Bada$$), and we’re now