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Areál U věže, Hořice

20.07.2018 until 21.07.2018

Nazareth + Keks + Michal Šindelář

Amfiteatr, Konopiště


After hugely successful shows worldwide in 2016, including headliner shows at the Maximus Music Festival in Buenos Aires, the Chicago Open Air festival and the Maxidrom Festival in Moscow, Rammstein will continue their streak of highly acclaimed concerts by undertaking the world’s stages again in 2017. Support: Kurtizány z 25. avenue. Open door: 4 pm

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28. 5. 2017 PRAHA, EDEN ARÉNA


After hugely successful shows worldwide in 2016, including headliner shows at the Maximus Music Festival in Buenos Aires, the Chicago Open Air festival and the Maxidrom Festival in Moscow, Rammstein will continue their streak of highly acclaimed conce rts by undertaking the world’s stages again in 2017.

If Rammstein’s music is the perfect soundtrack for building large monuments in the desert, then somewhere in the wilder world stands an imposing edifice some 2 2 years in the making – the length of time the six East Berliners have been collectively mining the Rammstein seam...

In the course of these two decades, the band ha s risen to the apex of the great rock pyramid, achieving album and DVD sales in the millions, headlining major festivals and bigger venues around the world (including New York’s Madison Square Garden, a show that sold out its 18,200 tickets in under 30 minu tes!), and establishing themselves as peerless master showmen with an approach to their art – and ‘art’ is the word – that is dramatic, epic in scale and capable of touching all of the senses; a dark and spectacular fairy - tale laced with controversy, don’t - try - this - at - home theatrics, plus the all - consuming aroma of benzine.

Along the way, the musicians have continued to hone their craft, growing in confidence and skill. It’s a pr ocess that has added genuine weight to the band’s persona, which now stands as one of the most potent in the entertainment world...

For Rammstein, and it’s the same line - up now as at the start, ( Till Lindemann & Flake Lorenz, plus Christoph Schneider, Paul Landers, Richard Z. Kruspe & Oliver Riedel), it’s always been a case of marching to their own beat, gleefully torching the industry rule - book... and everything else! They sing in German, they side - step those visuals typical of the rock ‘n’ metal world, prefe rring a more streamlined, high - end approach, and they present an incendiary, everything - hotter - than - everything - else live experience the like of which hasn’t been seen beneath the popular music banner...

Some call it ‘Rammstein - esque , ’ others a “rock opera . ”

Whatever the description, though, it’s clear that the six musicians don’t just put on a show . T hey stand their ground as the sometimes bloody beating heart of that show – the creative element around which everything else rotates, and there is always plenty to catch the eye and quicken the pulse, from the lighting (more spotlights in the sky than frantic flash - o - rama), to the myriad of explosions, set - pieces and health ‘n’ safety - defying effects, with no over - reliance on technology getting in the way

As children, we’re always taught that playing with matches is verboten , which is perhaps why ‘Ramm - world’ unsettles and subverts in a particularly primal way; and of course critical to this world is The Music ...

“There are people who think we’re incredibl y funny and people who think we’re incredibly serious,” reflects guitarist Paul Landers . “ I t’s just down to personal opinion. I suppose in that respect we’re something of a mirror – whatever views or perceptions people have just reflect straight back on th em...”

Ask the sextet if they’re a ‘rock band’ or a ‘ German rock band , ’ and they’ll opt for the latter; and their ability to tap into history and tradition, to reference their own particular circumstances, is yet another reason why – musically and beyond – there is only one Rammstein, and zero chance of anyone else occupying the same space. Or planet.

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