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Dvořákova Praha: Essener Philharmoniker

The renowned Essen Philharmonic will present a combination of Czech and German repertoire under the baton of one of the most successful Czech conductors of the present time, Tomáš Netopil, who is active on concert stages both at home and abroad.


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Orfeus v podsvětí

Hudební divadlo Karlín, Praha


Wonderful Dvořák

A charming musical and dramatic scenery from the environment of the historical salon of the Prague bohemian representatives from the last century with the most beautiful Dvořák's arias and melodies interpreted by leading opera soloists as well as violin virtuosos. Rusalka, The Jacobin, Moravian Duets, Biblical Songs, Mazurek and many other unforgettable compositions take the spectator to the times where Dvořák, than at the zenith of his creativeness, stood in the front-rank of both Czech and American music cultural life.

G. F. Händel, J. S. Bach, G. Ph. Telemann, W. A. Mozart

G. F. Händel, J. S. Bach, G. Ph. Telemann, W. A. Mozart


Palác Savarin,

18.02.2018 - 31.12.2018

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