Ticketpro joins Ticketmaster family

You can now buy tickets from Ticketmaster

Ticketpro is now Ticketmaster

Ticketpro is not merely changing - it is reinventing itself for your benefit! We've always prided ourselves in delivering the best possible services to our fans. It is with this commitment that we have now become a part of Ticketmaster.

We've launched a new website for you, www.ticketmaster.cz, where you can find the full range of events on offer.

Information regarding the changed sales system

Of course, the tickets which you bought within the Ticketpro network remain valid; you can download them, or check the status of your order, at any time after signing in at shop.ticketpro.cz.

During a limited transitional period, sales will be conducted in parallel through two different systems – we thank you for your patience in this respect.

If you need assistance:

If you have any questions regarding tickets bought through Ticketpro, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service center which stands ready to help on weekdays from 9:30 through 5:00, at the e-mail address: ticket@ticketmaster.cz.

What happened to my Ticketpro club membership?

The Ticketpro club has been shut down. Members are warmly invited to subscribe to our newsletter with the latest offers and specials, by signing up at: www.ticketmaster.cz/myAccount

Why did we join Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is the world leader in ticket sales, with a presence in 29 countries, more than 40 years of experience, and a set of values and commitments to fans shared by us at Ticketpro. Both Ticketpro and Ticketmaster strive to make the purchase of tickets as pleasant and convenient as possible.

We will gradually roll out a number of new tools that will lift the ticket purchasing procedure to world-class level and unlock a world of entertainment for fans.

Czech version is here: www.ticketpro.cz