Battle of the Nations 2016

Battle of the Nations 2016

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World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle. "Battle of the Nations" is a championship which gathers Historical Medieval Battle (HMB) fans from everywhere.

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free entrance for children up to 5 years old.


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Battle of the Nations

May 5 - 9th 2016

World Championship in Historical Medieval Battle

Petrin Hill, Prague, Czech Republic

The World Cup

"Battle of the Nations" is a championship which gathers Historical Medieval Battle (HMB) fans from everywhere. The world of Middle Ages still fascinates thousands of people, who come to "Battle of the Nations" each year seeking the spirit of medieval, clashing steel and group battles. All this awakens the memory of previous generations who faced their enemies holding a sword and a shield.

Full Contact Fighting

"Battle of the Nations" is a full contact fighting with the use of steel weapons from the Middle Ages. Fighters are dressed in armor, which is also made according to historical standards. For safety reasons all weapons are blunt and the battles are held under supervision of experienced referees. Both wrestling and fighting techniques are permitted during the battle making it really spectacular and breathtaking.

30+ National Teams

Being a world cup, "Battle of the Nations" encourages every country to form and develop a national team and compete with the others. Passion for HMB is the core of this international movement that unites people from different regions, with different cultures. A lot of teams come to the championship with their supporters and relatives who also take part in the festival.


HMB is a sport for everyone - there are both male and female categories.

  • «Duel» 1 vs 1
  • «Polearm» 1 vs 1
  • Female «Group battles» 3 vs 3
  • Male «Group battles» 5 vs 5
  • «Mass battles» 21 vs 21

Historical Cuisine And Beverages

You can literally taste the medieval and enjoy the food that was traditional for the people of Middle ages. "Battle of the Nations" festival is a perfect opportunity to degust dishes that have come to us through centuries, cooked according to original recipes. And don’t forget about the beverages that will bring you back to this era!

Craftsmen Fair

Besides gastronomic specialties, you can feel the atmosphere of a true medieval fair and walk along the merchants’ row looking for something interesting. Medieval pottery, jewellery, clothes and souvenirs - you can find here anything to fit your taste, something that will remind you of these festival or even come in handy.


Medieval entertainment awaits for you! Musicians playing on authentic instruments, dances, archery and sword mastery workshops, opportunity to try a real armor and let your kids explore medieval fighting with safe swords.

Authentic camp

You have a great opportunity to see the Middle Ages from the inside, walking between the tents where fighters and their families reenact the medieval way of living, wearing a costumes from that historical period.  

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