Festival komedie PRAHAha: Lach & Schiess: Who Are We Again?

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Metropolitní léto hereckých osobností

Vyšehrad, Praha

28.06.2017 until 31.08.2017

Valašské divadelní léto

Valašské muzeum v přírodě, Rožnov pod …

29.06.2017 until 15.08.2017

This performance is from the comedic ensemble Lach- & Schießgesellschaft, an immensely popular comedy house in Munich, Germany.
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Who Are We Again?

This performance is from the comedic ensemble Lach- & Schießgesellschaft, an immensely popular comedy house in Munich, Germany.

Sebastian Rüger and Frank Smilgies – known as the cabaret duo Ulan & Bator – will joyful connect highly comical fantasies with a wrong-headed world view; they are the political momentum of the ensemble.

Caroline Ebner counters with the cabaret-absurd worldview of perfect equally and its clever convoluted associations. Caroline performed in other high-profile ensembles such as the Munich Kammerspiele before finally arriving at the only true ensemble!!

Norbert Bürger, a studied guitarist, composer and comedian, sets the pace and has taught the ensemble as a trained choral director satirical Flötentöne (teaching what’s what)! His miniature musical combine the issues from multiple crises with contemporary music in a playful manner.

The Four use “weltverbesserlichen” (to make the world a better place) gripes as a comedic entry point, leaving bizarre footprints in late capitalistic notions of “Common Sense.” Far from Zustimmungsgebuhle (a growl-like droning effort) and other typical political parodies, the ensemble illuminates the political microcosm of the present and shows enlightening relationship views. In loosely connected scenes, they feel after the question of identity, whether of German identity in Europe or the personal identity within internet and society. Whether its the topics of housing, buying clothes, gentrification, beach holidays, the nursing crisis, or, in particular, shows with private political elements, it is certainly enjoyable!

And then there’s this incredible joke … but there has not yet been revealed!

The event will be in German.